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I have for the past 6 years been involved in the control of rodents (rats and mice). I started out just wanting to sell my product but slowly my main focus has shifted to my product being the saving grace to a small part of the environment. Namely to get people to stop using rat poison and as many other poisons as possible. These rat poisons are devastating the environments that they are used in. The birds of prey are being affected both directly and indirectly and likewise some of the smaller animals that feed on rats and mice. The micro eco systems that live within these areas are also being poisoned an example of this is the pellet that is regurgitated by the owl, the micro organisms that feed on the pellets are being killed, entire systems are being wiped out. The use of crop spraying has in many cases wiped out the bee populations and farmers are loosing millions due to poor pollination of their crops. This is being proved in many parts of the world. Even the use of fly sprays are causing problems, small animals and insects that feed on flies are dying and this is in turn leading to other problems (IE) the increase in the fly population. The spreading of disease by rats, mice and the pests they host is another huge problem that is not being taken seriously. Rats, mice and their pests spread some 70 diseases, some of which can kill a healthy human in just 3 days, what is happening to people with weakened immune systems is any ones guess. The FIX THAT RAT instant kill system uses no poison but kills both rats and mice instantly. The product is super user friendly, Eco Friendly and humane. Distributors are sort world wide. Please view the web site Http://



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Writting hubs I find is great fun and I trust that those that take the time to read must have some opion as to what the writer had to say.

What I find stranger is that very few people pass a comment.

I am sure that most people would like to know what people think be it good or bad.

Even if the comment is just one word (ie) Good – Bad.

There is so much to gain as the writer if a comment is made. I had a comment on a hub a few weeks ago and from that one comment not only I but three other people wrote hubs all related to the comment. It just opens the door for others to collect ideas.

I read a lot of comments and most are very good and it just give one a different prespective on the subject. We don’t all think the same, just as well or hubs would never have started.

I would love to know what others think aboutthis subject.

Extra Cash/ start on your own

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Extra money in the pocket is always welcome, starting your own business is a dream many have, both are not out of reach.

I started out years ago and failed the first time because I set about the whole thing like a bull in a China shop. I wanted to make money, lots of it and I wanted it over night. Well it did not happen.

There a  few very basic points to follow, don’t follow them and it is going to cost you.


I soon learned that you first have to like what you are doing, if you don’t enjoy what your are doing you will never get very far. The second thing I learned was find a product that really gets you excited. If you are down in the mouth about your product you will find it hard to give it away let alone sell it. The third thing I learned was find a product that people don’t need but WANT. Need is one thing WANTING is just that they WANT it.


It took me 30 years to find such a product and it was a WANT that drove me to make my first FIX THAT RAT. I had problems with rats around my aviaries. I WANTED a product that killed rats instantly without the use of poison.


I made my first unit 7 years ago, it worked first time I was happy, it was only when people started asking me to make them one that the penny dropped. I had some thing that people WANTED. I did not have the faintest idea that Rats were such a huge problem. I still can’t quite grasp how big the problem is. The suggested figures are that there are some 65 billion.


The more I got involved the more I learned, I found that both industry and the domestic market were crying out for a product that was effective, clean, easy to use and used no poison.

I learned that the poisons used to control rats are causing wild life to die directly and indirectly the environment is taking a beating, and the rat is becoming immune to poison. Rats cost man millions every day re the food they eat, their constant gnawing causes damage that cost huge amounts daily to repair. They spread some 70 odd diseases some of which can kill a healthy human in just three days, what diseases are being spread where humans live in very poor conditions and to make it worse many people with HIV live in poor conditions.


The FIX THAT RAT has been very good to me and I now am able to offer people the chance to make extra cash or change their lives.

I learned years ago to start small and find my feet thus the package I offer will not give you a heart attack. You in fact will may not need to spend any money at all.

If I may make a suggestion, contact me for the price list, then pre sell your first order. This will tell you if you (A) like the product (B) like the profit (C) want to go further.

Please view my web sites or Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want..